Top 5 Wednesday – Top Actor/Actress Portrayals of Characters (book to movie/book to tv) ( #T5WFamily )

Hello Booklovers!

Another top 5 Wednesday for you guys.. and this weeks topic is Top Actor/Actress Portrayals of Characters (book to movie/book to tv)… Very interesting. This was really hard for me to pick because there are more than 5!

So let’s get rolling.

5) Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman – The Hunger Games / Catching Fire

When this casting was announced.. I just was extremely happy. I love Stanley Tucci. He is a fantastic actor and the bravado he brings to the role of Caesar is just.. yay! hahah. He is over the top and how he acts with Katniss and Peeta is totally fangirling with the rest of us.

4) Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman – The Southern Vampire Mysteries ~ True Blood 

Since the moment Eric Northman walked.. (well sat gloriously in his throne at Fangtasia) I have just loved him. Alexander Skarsgård brings even more brooding goodness to the role. And It doesn’t hurt that he is gorgeous. Eric Northman has had some unsavory storylines here and there but I will always love him. Then after I started reading the novels, I could just picture Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman.. in the most amazing way. Also worth mentioning is his relationship with Pam, who is also casted perfectly.

3) Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood – Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix and on

Evanna Lynch brought the dreamy doe eyed personality of Luna alive. J.K. Rowling writes amazing characters and Luna is one of my all time favourite characters and so I am extremely glad that Evanna Lynch was picked to portray Luna on the big screen. And Evanna’s story – how she came to get the role – is amazing.

2) Colin Firth – Mr. Darcy – Pride and Prejudice

My all time favourite film/TV version of Pride and Prejudice is hands down BBC’s. Colin Firth can be cold, and stand offish. He can portray such emotion. And he is beautiful. Working with Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet.. I just loved their chemistry. I can’t even think of what else to say. I am going to go watch the lake scene now and revel in the perfectness.

1) Peter Dinklage – Tyrion Lannister – A Song of Ice and Fire series ~ Game Of Thrones

Peter Dinklage portrays the imp so perfectly. I can’t think of anyone else who could fill his shoes. His straight forwardness, his mannerisms, everything he does is perfection. He has such amazing dialogue, I could listen to him just talking about banal things and I am sure that he would make it hilarious. Oh and Tyrion’s one liners.. you can’t deny that Peter Dinklage pulls them off.

So there we have it!

Who would you guys pick?

Brianne – xox.

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