Top 5 Wednesday – Top Magical Items – ( #T5WFamily )

Hello Booklovers!!!

I am sorry this post is a day late..

But I was super excited to see this as a topic for Top 5 Wednesday! This post is all related to Young Adult novels and series.

1) Harry Potter Universe

I know this is cheating because there are way more that 5 things from the Harry Potter universe that I would pick.. A wand, Hermione’s bag, the Invisibility cloak, the Time-Turner, the Pensieve, the Marauder’s Map, the Weasley Family Clock, Godric Gryffindor’s Sword, The Goblet of Fire, Mirror of Erised, Two Way Mirrors, .. it goes on and on! I couldn’t narrow it down.

2) Stele – The Mortal Instruments / The Infernal Devices – Cassandra Clare

Of course, this is if I could handle the process of runes being put on me.. but Stele’s are amazing. Rune’s are amazing.

3) The Archive Paper – The Archived / The Unbound – Victoria Schwab

These little pieces of paper are super cool and super handy when trying to write messages to someone… I loved the thought and imagination behind the rings, keys, and paper in this amazing duology. The paper is used by The Archive when they need to communicate with Keepers of

4) The Wardrobe – Chronicles of Narnia – C.S. Lewis

Super convenient (when it works).. and I mean.. how cool is it to be able to walk through a wardrobe and be magically transported to Narnia. I always wanted one growing up. There is even a post going around on pinterest, tumblr, twitter, we ❤ this, and the like showing a door that goes in to a child’s play area but dressed up to resemble the wardrobe.. I think it is brilliant.

5) Wishes – Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy – Laini Taylor

There are many different sizes of wishes.. Scuppy, Shing, Lucknow, Gavriel, and Bruxis. Scuppy being the least important and smallest of wished and Bruxis being the biggest and most valuable. Even though the wishes have their limits and you’ll know immediately when a wish won’t work. The wishes work like currency and where available form Brimstone in exchange for teeth.

What magical items do you guys love? Am I horrible for not being able to narrow down my Harry Potter list?

Brianne – xox.


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