May Wrap Up! Looking Forward to June!

Well Hello There, My Book Friends!

May has come to an end.. It went by so fast! I had quite the good month, reading wise. I read eight books in total.. almost all of which I enjoyed immensely. I will get in to some pictures and reviews. Six of the books were in paperback/hardcover, and two were ebooks. This is done in the order that I read the books. I will include a brief synopsis in my own words, and a little bit of what I thought of the book, so there might be spoilers. I would also like to wish my wonderful, amazing sister Caitlyn, a very Happy 26th Birthday!!! Love you Crazy Ninja.

1) To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – Jenny Han


3/5 Stars.


Lara Jean has a hatbox full of love letters. Not to a boy she is dating, but to the boys she has loved, and has resolved to not love. She writes these letters to “let them go”. Lara Jean is a middle child, of a single parent house. Her mother died years before, and her older sister Margot is going of to college, in Scotland. This leaves (pretty much clueless) Lara Jean to take care of her younger sister Kitty and their dad. One day, one of the boys Lara Jean wrote a letter to, has it. Her hatbox is missing. The letters are gone. Every boy, except one (because he moved), has read her intimate thoughts. Overall I thought this was a cute contemporary. I read it in one day. Lara Jean was a little immature for me. She calls her dad, Daddy. All three of the sisters do.. and for some reason it really bugged me. I cringed whenever I read the word Daddy. The story was cute and I did quite like Peter.. and I am going to read P.S. I Still Love You, book 2 in the duology when it comes out.

2) The Archived – Victoria Schwab


5 / 5 stars.


This book.. man.. this book. It was a bit weird at the beginning, but once I got in to the book (which did not take long at all) I absolutely loved it. I just have not read anything like it before. The premise was amazing. The characters were badass.

Wesley Ayers is my new fictional boyfriend.

Mackenzie Bishop is a keeper. A person entrusted to keeping Histories (people who have died) in the Archive. Histories are kept on shelves like books. If a History wakes up, they get to the narrows where Keepers are charged with getting them back. Keepers have Archive Paper which Librarians can get in touch with any keeper in an instant. This is how keepers are alerted to escaped Histories.. names and ages. We are introduced to Mackenzie and Da, who passed on his job to Mackenzie. We learn about his teaching through “flashbacks” were it isn’t just Mackenzie reminiscing (because she can’t tell anyone what she does) but actually a glimpse in to the past. Mackenzie’s family moves because of a death in family and her new area just keeps filling up with new Histories. Is someone waking them up intentionally? Why are there so many? and why does one of them have a weapon? This book kept me on edge. I loved it.

3) Attachments – Rainbow Rowell

Trade Paperback

4/5 Stars.


BookSplosion Book of May!!! Lincoln works as an internet security guard at t newspaper company. He reads peoples emails for a living. If employees are emailing back and forth to each other, and they use inappropriate words, that email gets flagged and goes to Lincoln. He should send the flagged person a notice of this. But Lincoln has been drawn in to the lives of Beth and Jennifer. He can’t bring himself to report them. Hilarity ensues. This book was set in the 90’s guys.. THE 90’S!!! I absolutely loved that this book was set in the 90’s, right before Y2K. I enjoyed the back and forth between chapters – Lincoln’s perspective and then Beth and Jennifer’s emails. I just wish that we had more Beth and Lincoln at the end. They were adorable. This was another book I read in a day. Actually I read this book in one sitting.. in about 4 hours. That is how much I enjoyed this book.

4) The Unbound – Victoria Schwab


5/5 Stars.


The sequel to The Archived. We are back with Mackenzie and Wesley. We learn more about the Archive. Mackenzie starts a new school! But she finds that people she has interacted with, go missing. And a strange guy is following her. AND she does not sleep anymore.. She has nightmares from the events that happened at the end of Book 1. Except her nightmares do not stay in her head. They become real. Her world is even more dangerous than it has ever been. And this was a rollercoaster of a ride. Plus! We learn more about Wesley. I love Wesley even more. I can’t wait for Book 3. Seriously guys, read this series. I have never read something so unique and interesting. Victoria Schwab is Queen.

5) Obsidian – Jennifer L. Armentrout


3/5 Stars.


Kat moves to a new town.. she is a little antisocial. Hot guy lives next door… with a twin sister who loves Kat. No parents. Turns out, new hot neighbor Damien and sister Dee are aliens. But they are not little green men. Their alien-ness is actually really cool.. but if they use their powers in front of a human, said human is “light up” with their strange “alien mojo”. This book.. it just wasn’t anything special for me.. even though so many people love it.. and the ratings on goodreads are phenomenal. Damien is hot though.. but he is an ass. I don’t have too many thoughts on this book.. it took me a while to get through..

6) Tiger Lily – Jodi Lynn Anderson

Trade Paperback

3/5 stars.


Peter Pan gets a new mythology! I was prepared to love this book. I loved that the book was told from TinkerBell’s pov. It was so interesting that way! Strictly being an observer. Peter Pan was Tiger Lily’s before he was Wendy’s. We are on the Island of Neverland.. there are different clans that live throughout the island.. including Peter Pan and his Lost Boys.. and Pirates. Tiger Lily was strong.. and I loved her dearly. We learn about her culture.. and how she came to meet and fall in love with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Then, along came the Wendy Bird. I did not like her at all. This is when the book went way downhill for me. I hated the ending. *MAJOR SPOILERS* Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mind Tiger Lily and Pine Sap being together.. the thing that bothered me was Peter Pan, and The Lost Boys leaving Neverland and living in England. Peter Pan being someone completely different, living with Wendy and being grown up. It just was not believable for me.

7) Wedding Night – Sophie Kinsella

Trade Paperback

3/5 Stars


Fliss and Lottie are sisters. Fliss is going through a divorce and trying to not become bitter. Lottie thinks her boyfriend is going to propose but doesn’t. She goes through what Fliss calls “Unfortunate Choices”.. but this could be the biggest and worst UC yet. Lottie meets up with an old boyfriend.. and they decide to get married! Fliss tries to talk Lottie out of the wedding.. meets the Best Man, Lorcan.. and he is trying to stop the wedding as well. Lottie and Ben decide to honeymoon on Iconos, where they first met.. and Fliss is trying everything to make sure they do not consummate the marriage. It was unbelievable.. and mean. I agreed wholeheartedly with Richard (Lottie’s ex) and Lorcan when they call Fliss out on her behaviour. I would be pissed if someone did to me, what Fliss did to Lottie. At first I thought it was funny.. then it just became to over the top. This is my least favourite of Sophie Kinsella’s books. I own them all.. and I love them all. Except this one. It just didn’t work for me. However, if you’re a fan of the author, I would still suggest reading this.

8) Paradigm – Ceri A. Lowe


4/5 Stars


Are you tired of the dystopian genre? Is it played out for you? Well before you give up, I suggest you try Paradigm when is comes out June 10th. I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. The world suffers Storms. crazy bad, horrible Storms. Alice watches it all unfold. Carter is alive 87 years after this happens. The world has changed. Carter is put in a frozen stasis for 15 years and wakes up believing he is the future. Past and Future are entwined in the new world. Alternating pov’s between Alice (past) and Carter (future) really pull you in to this world. Alice is strong. I don’t know how I would do if I was put in her shoes. I never had a problem discerning whose chapter I was in. I can’t wait for Book 2! Thanks again to Netgalley and the publishers.

There you have it booklovers! All the books I read in May!

I think it was a good month. I hope you guys pick up some of these books.

In June, I hope to read more great books! I have already started Rebel Belle – Rachel Hawkins. I can’t really say what my June TBR is going to be, because I kind of just pick books on a whim, whatever I feel like reading at the moment.

What were you books that you read in May? What do you want to read in June? Leave me your thoughts in the comments!

I will be posting a May Book Haul very soon!

Brianne – xox.


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