I’m Back!

Hello Book Lovers!!


I just wanted to say sorry for going awol. I missed you guys! Along with some personal issues, and family..not issues but my sister moved across Canada and I got in to a funk because she is my best friend. Then I had shoulder surgery and was in a sling for 6 weeks.. Well the sixth week just ended. It was awful – painful. Using my right arm is still very hard and I get tired and sore very easily. I read only 1 book in the first month of 2015 because it was too hard to hold a book one handedly, especially with my non-dominant hand.

I am going to get back to posting at least semi-regularly during the rest of my recovery (4 months of physiotherapy) and then hopefully more regularly when I don’t get so sore from typing.

I have been posting on my bookstagram account so you can also keep up with me there – @maythebookbewithyou

Here are my Top14 books of 2014


I didn’t rank them from 1-14 but my tops were definitely Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson, Written in Red by Anne Bishop, and the Girl of Fire and Thorns Trilogy by Rae Carson.

May the Book Be With You

Brianne – xox


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