Frozen Tides (Falling Kingdoms book4) by Morgan Rhodes Cover Reveal

Who loves sprawling fantasy novels?

A large cast of characters?



I urge you to check out the Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes. It is going to be a six book series, with three of the books currently out and the fourth on its’ way.

Book 1 – Falling Kingdoms

Book 2 – Rebel Spring

Book 3 – Gathering Darkness

Book 4 – Frozen Tides (expected release date December 15, 2015)

The covers of these books are beautiful, and are getting more beautiful with each book. The cover designer knows whats up, knows this series, and each book features a character from the novels and the artwork is absolutely stunning. The cover for Frozen Tides was released today by Novel Novice.

The series is published by Razorbill

& without further ado, here is the stunning cover for Frozen Tides


What do you guys think..?


You can check out Morgan Rhodes on

Twitter – @MorganRhodesYA

Instagram – @morganrhodesya

Facebook – Falling Kingdoms Series by Morgan Rhodes

Here are the covers for the first three books


May The Book Be With You

-Brianne xox


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