May Wrap Up

Hello Darlings ❤

I know we are half way through June, but here is my May Wrap Up (minus 1 book that my friend is borrowing)



Crown of Midnight – Sarah J Maas — 4/5 Stars

Read May 1 – May 4. A really good sequel, I enjoyed this more than Throne of Glass, just because Celaena Sardothien had more assassin-y jobs to do. I enjoyed the mystery more too. I, however, still do not enjoy the love triangle. I just feel like she can be frivolous and should be more focused on being The Kings Assassin. Also, I guessed the twist ending quite early on, so the reveal wasn’t as earth changing as it should have been. I am definitely continuing with this series.

Asunder – Jodi Meadows — 3.25/5 Stars

Read May 4 – May 5. I read Incarnate (book 1) back in 2013, so it has been a couple years, but I had no problem jumping back in to this world. I liked this book, but it was too romance heavy for my tastes. The ending though, I needed to continue the series asap, so I ordered the book that day.

Shopaholic To The Stars – Sophie Kinsella (Not Pictured) — 2.75/5 Stars

Read May 10 – May 11. The newest installment in the Shopaholic series, a series beloved by many, including myself. Was it as good as the previous 6 books? No. Did I enjoy it? Kind of. I started reading the Shopaholic series many, many years ago. I was in High School. I graduated 7 years ago. I loved loved loved these books! I found Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood plucky, and funny. Not so much anymore. I was exasperated by her antics. I found her selfish, immature and I wanted to shake some sense in to her! She treats almost everyone poorly. So no, this wasn’t my favourite of the series. But yes, I will be continuing on. I can’t help myself.

Infinite – Jodi Meadows — 3.5/5 Stars

Read May 11 – May 16. I enjoyed the final installment in this trilogy the most. We got Centaurs! Phoenixes! Dragons! They talked about Trolls, and Rocs. I wished we could have found out more about all of these creatures because their stories in this world would have been fascinating. We get a pretty good ending! It wasn’t without its faults, but I enjoyed it. I just grew very tired of Sam and Ana professing their love for each other over and over again.

You – Caroline Kepnes — 3.75/5 Stars

Read May 16 – May 17. I heard about this book through two Booktubers – Lindsey, and Lainey. They both raved about this book. It sound creepy, and thrilling. It was. But, I do not give out recommendations for this book lightly, because of the subject nature. Joe works in a bookstore. Beck is a student with major issues. Joe falls hard and fast for Beck. Joe is super creepy. This book with make you think twice about what you post online, and what you make public/private. This book, was gross, and fascinating, and creepy, and one of those books that is hard to put down. And I am glad that there is a sequel, because that ending.. man.. that ending.

The Scorch Trials – James Dashner — 3/5 Stars

Read May 18 – May 21. I read this book because the trailer for the movie was just coming out, I read the first book, saw the first movie.. I was obviously going to continue on, even though I didn’t particularly enjoy the first book. I found the writing was okay, and I hated the slang. So the trailer coming out was what motivated me to finally pick up book 2. It was alright. I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it. I do, however, love Minho. He is my favourite. I finished reading the book, I watched the trailer. The movie looks awesome, I am super excited to see it, but it is nothing like the book, having literally just read the source material. Oh well.

The Death Cure – James Dashner — 3.25/5 Stars

Read May 24 – May 25. I picked up The Death Cure right away because I read somewhere that there is a big scene that will be featured in The Scorch Trials movie. I do not know which scene, but I wanted to be in the know. Plus, I knew it would have taken me forever to pick up TDC had I not continued right then and there. I enjoyed most of this book. One death I was okay with, one death I was definitely not okay with. The ending felt off to me. I didn’t know how I felt about it then, and I still don’t now. Again, I love Minho very much <3.

So there you have it. My May Wrap Up. In the month of May, I also ended up in the hospital and in an entire leg length long brace.. I ended up with a pretty serious knee injury.. I completely tore my ACL, I tore my Lateral Meniscus, I partially tore my MCL, I tore muscles in both my calf and thigh, I tore cartilage in the knee cap, and bruised bones (my femur in one place, and my tibia in two places). My knee was super swollen, I couldn’t bend or straighten it, I couldn’t put any pressure on it, plus, when you tear ligaments, they bleed in to the joint so I had a bunch of blood in my knee. So there’s that.

Happy Reading!

I’ll be back with another post soon.

May The Book Be With You — Brianne xox.


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